Artistic Director

Choreographer & Fitness Trainer
The artistic director of X'PO-ZURE has an important role: PJ Dacas must coordinate all the aspects of a play/performances. and all the people involved in the... more details

Project Manager

Ms Oshun Santiaga

Choreographer & Fitness Trainer 

Oshun Santiaga is responsible for Company development and for the administration, co-ordination and management... more details

Director & Founder

Mr Pauly Skerrett

Choreographer & Fitness Trainer 

My name is Paulanthony Skerrett but everyone calls me Pauly. I was born 1975 St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London.

I moved to Brixton from Enfield Lock when I was 14. There I met children in from Ferndale Estate. They were really into dance. They did steps like the whop, Hell and Toe, Running Man,  cabbage pack, Bobby Brown, James... more details


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